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Farewell Madonna

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"How to Kill a Dog" is back, and Emma Sehested Høeg and Jennifer Vedsted Christiansen investigate what is left when we say FAREWELL MADONNA.

History and culture have infiltrated our inner lives and given us false notions of the perfect life, which we frantically pursue. But it's difficult to find our way to happiness in a world that offers endless possibilities.

The devilish seducer appears behind the pure Madonna, doubt and emotions knock on the door and muddy the dream, because it's impossible to do the right thing when we have desires and a body that can't be controlled.

It can almost feel like a nightmare when life doesn't live up to expectations, doesn't live up to the adventure of adulthood that you've been told and told yourself. We all long to be free: in a musical seance, we break out of the dream's self-absorbed stranglehold and make room for doubt and difficult emotions. We rewrite the story and create a new beginning.

FAREWELL MADONNA concludes the trilogy about the rebellious female dog who bared her shame in WELCOME TO PANDORA and problematized the young woman as currency in a capitalist and male-dominated world in LOLITA FOREVER.

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