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Halfdan Pisket's award-winning graphic novel on stage

Halfdan Pisket has written and illustrated a trilogy about his father's journey from a small village between Turkey and Armenia to a deserting soldier in the Turkish army, tortured prisoner, and later criminal family man in Copenhagen. With scenographic elements of projections inspired by the comic book, Revolver's performance is based on the first part of the trilogy, Deserteur.

Here we meet a young, deserting soldier in a Turkish military prison. As he sits there, he thinks back to his village and youth. A youth filled with hope for the future, but colored by despair and tragedy, for "the faceless" roam along the borders. Those who either kill or enlist young men for military service. In prison, he reflects on his homeland, himself, and his family. Do you become a part of the bestial if you don't fight against it?

Award-winning trilogy

The Danish trilogy, consisting of the three volumes Deserteur, Kakerlak, and Dansker, is Halfdan Pisket's breakthrough work. The comic book has been highly praised and recognized within Danish comic art and has been awarded several prizes over time, including Denmark's largest comic book prize, the Ping Prize, Politiken's Literature Prize, and the Best Series award at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, one of the world's largest comic book festivals.

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