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An Education

Sound design og Qlab Programming

A seductive portrayal of youth's dreams and desires

In 1960s rainy England, we meet 16-year-old Jenny. She attends a girls' school and lives at home with her parents. In her boring, protected existence, Jenny dreams of a life as a sophisticated woman in Paris. A desire for life and the longing to want "something more" is awakened in her meeting with Simon, a charming bon vivant with an extravagant lifestyle who sells her the dream of carefree existence with cocktail dresses, parties, fancy cars, and genuine Parisian atmosphere.

AN EDUCATION is a story of choices and consequences. The performance focuses on the ambiguity that fills one when on the brink between childhood and adulthood. We meet Jenny as she is in the midst of shaping her own identity. From the sidelines, her worried mother and admiring friend watch. But when do you know you are an adult? And how do you become "someone"? In the face of the harsh realities of adulthood, Jenny experiences the consequences of her choices. The audience is misled along with Jenny and feels her fall when the illusion ultimately breaks.

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